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Bay MMA & Fitness’s BayFit Program

Bay MMA & Fitness BayFit program includes BayFit Boxing, BayFit kickboxing, CrossTrain Kettle Bell Conditioning, and BayFit CrossTrain classes. All the BayFit classes are designed to not only introduce members to a new intense way to workout but also teach our members the techniques behind martial arts. In other word, while you’re getting a full body work out, you are also learning everything you need to know about boxing, kickboxing, kettle bell training and weight lifting. The result will be one bad version of you.

All the BayFit classes are non-full contact and are beginner friendly. The workouts are fast paced and challenging but new members are encouraged to excel at their own pace. Also, if there are any exercises you can’t do we will give you an alternative exercise. BayFit Boxing and Kickboxing classes are great for weight lose and cardio, CrossTrain and Kettle Bell classes are great for muscle toning and body sculpting. With all of these programs being offered for one low price Bay MMA & Fitness has got you covered for ALL your fight and fitness needs.

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